One of the most important steps in keeping your smile in good health is visiting the dentist regularly for a dental cleaning and exam. At White Mountain Dental, we recommend that you visit us every six months. During these routine visits, we will provide a comprehensive dental cleaning and exam. The dental exam and teeth cleaning in Rock Springs, Wyoming will include:

  • A thorough removal of plaque and tartar (hardened plaque) from the teeth
  • A teeth polishing to give you a healthy, bright smile
  • An examination of your teeth to check for signs of tooth decay or other types of damage
  • A periodontal (gum) examination to check for symptoms of gum disease
  • An oral cancer screening
  • An evaluation of your dental restorations, like crowns and fillings, to check for any needed maintenance

If our experienced dentist notices any dental problems or damage that require treatment, he will recommend appropriate treatment to return your smile to good health. Dr. Tyler Carlson strives to provide treatment as soon as possible to save you from further dental pain and damage in the future. To schedule your next dental cleaning and exam at our friendly office, we welcome you to call us today.